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DOT Physicals
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Prioritize Safety with Our DOT Physical Exam Services

Are you a commercial truck, bus, or van driver? Ensuring your fitness for the road is paramount. Primetime Occupational Testing’s Department of Transportation (DOT) physical exam guarantees you're in optimal health and ready to handle the demands of your profession. With on-site testing and exams, we can help you get on the road safely and with ease.

Vision Test - Clear Sight for Safer Driving

Maintaining clear vision is non-negotiable when it comes to road safety. Our DOT physical includes a comprehensive vision test to ensure your eyesight meets and exceeds the required standards, enabling you to navigate highways and byways with confidence.

Hearing Test - Stay Alert and Aware

A crucial aspect of safe driving is being able to hear important sounds, signals, and warnings. Our thorough hearing test ensures you're fully equipped to stay alert and aware on the road, minimizing risks and enhancing safety for you and other road users.

Urinalysis - Screening for Health and Wellness

Your health matters. As part of our DOT physical, we conduct a detailed urinalysis to screen for any underlying health issues, helping you maintain peak performance and overall well-being as you fulfill your duties on the road.

Blood Pressure Test - Monitoring Cardiovascular Health

Healthy blood pressure is essential for long hours of driving. Our blood pressure test assesses your cardiovascular health, providing insights into your overall well-being and ensuring you're fit to tackle the demands of your job safely and effectively.

Physical Exam - Comprehensive Assessment for Peak Performance

Your physical fitness is key to your success as a professional driver. Our comprehensive physical exam evaluates your overall health and fitness level, identifying any areas that may require attention and ensuring you're primed for success behind the wheel.

Don't compromise on safety or compliance. Schedule your DOT physical with us today, and drive with confidence knowing you're in peak condition to handle whatever the road throws your way.

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