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Comprehensive Occupational
Testing & Wellness Care

Prevention is the key to maintaining a healthy workforce. While some health problems creep up without warning, for many employers, ensuring that employees have access to the tests they need to manage their own health reaps dividends that go well beyond the bottom line.


Primetime Occupational Testing  is here to help. Our occupational testing services ensure employers and employees manage the risks of both job-related and lifestyle-related injuries and illnesses. We can create customized occupational protocols to meet the needs of employers and we help employers remain in compliance with OSHA regulations. We even help employers and employees manage health risks that OSHA doesn’t cover, from DOT regulations to sit specific wellness programs.


From drug testing and fit testing to preventive care services, we offer the testing and prevention you need to keep your team as healthy as possible. Learn a little more about all that we can do below.

Available Services:

  • Audiometric Testing 

  • DOT & Non-DOT Physicals

  • DOT & Non-DOT Drug Testing

  • EBT Breath Alcohol Testing 

  • Hair Follicle Collections 

  • Phlebotomy Services 

  • Pre-Employment Screenings 

  • Pulmonary Function Testing

  • Quantitative Fit Testing (QNFT)

  • Supplied Air & Bottlewatch Testing 

  • Wellness Counseling

  • Additional services available upon request

Occupational Exams
& Drug Test

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